Reverse Engineering | FEA and CFD Simulations

We all have that old product that worked very well but you don’t have the tooling or detailed drawings. We can help you reverse engineer the product so that you can put it back into the production line fast. Our FARO based technology and CAD capabilities allow our engineering team to bring that reliable product back to life.

You have a great product but your client needs some custom features and more units.  We can help you design and test your product for quality and effectiveness.

Our designers use state of the art 3D / CAD software to anticipate potential performance and safety problems during production and on the field, before manufacturing.  By conducting certain virtual tests, we can predict performance considerations such as displacement, stress, heat, noise, vibration and backpressure, among other variables.

servintec usa prototype

Rapid Prototyping​

We are used to working under pressure, so let us handle your prototyping needs. We can manufacture high quality, working prototypes so that you can focus on conducting field tests and assess actual performance. Our prototypes are manufactured to specification and with the highest quality standards.